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About Dr. Lundy
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Hello, I'm Allan Lundy, PhD, bringing my consulting services to the Web for the first time.  I've worked with dozens of doctoral and master's students, both as an advisor at major universities and as an independent consultant.  A few quick facts about me:
  • PhD in Social Psychology, Harvard University, 1981.
  • Professor at Hofstra University, Wesleyan University and other fine schools.
  • Faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry, Jefferson Medical College, 1991-2003.
  • Awarded over a million and a half dollars in grants and research contracts, mostly from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), in the six years to 2003.
  • Published over 40 articles in scientific journals.
  • Advisor on dozens of doctoral dissertations, mainly in clinical psychology and education.
  • Expert in statistics.  Worked with SPSS every day for years.  Top-ranked teacher of statistics.
  • Expert writer and editor. 
  • Also a published (and paid!) author of numerous books and articles for the general public.
  • Patient, friendly, and available 98 hours/week!

Allan Lundy, PhD
Allan Lundy, PhD

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About Dr. Lundy